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Video: Shubb Capos wins Nambacker Nation's 2014 "best of NAMM show"

Some of our artists talk about Shubb Capos (short videos) ...

Richard Gilewitz | Johnny Hiland | Tim May | SONiA | Peter Bursch

A Capo Conversation, by Richard Gilewitz. May 2015, Richard talks about capos and the ukulele.

"Returning to the Other Side of the Aisle" by Richard Gilewitz. February 2012. Richard joined us again at our NAMM both, and wrote this sequel to his article of a year ago.

"The Other Side of the Aisle" by Richard Gilewitz. March 2011. Richard's impressions of working at our trade show booth, not only as a performer, but also as a host and spokesman for the products and the company.

video interview from NAMM's "oral history" project
(me talking about the start of the company)

"To Capo or Not to Capo ...That Is the Question" by Richard Gilewitz. April 2007.
"The World Before Scruggs: a profile of Rick Shubb " by Sandy Rothman, from Bluegrass Unlimited. 1996. (PDF)
The title doesn't mean to imply that I predated Earl Scruggs, it simply refers to a point that I make in the article about the importance of Scruggs to all banjo playing. "Imagine the world before Scruggs..."
"Guitar Hero" by Melanie Haiken, from Buisness 2.0 and Fortune Magazines. March 2007. (PDF)
Another one about me. I didn't make up the title, honest.
"Profile: Shubb Capos" by Michael John Simmons, from Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Jan. 2004.
Shubb Capo as a rhythm instrument. A weird video by Peter Autschbach.
The Fade-away, by George Jansen. Book review, by Rick Shubb

In memory of Chip Dunbar By Rick Shubb

Articles from Rick's Cafe:

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