Arturo Meuniot was on hand all four days to help launch the new Talon guitar stand, which he designed. If he appears proud, he has good reason to be. Talon was received very enthusiastically by the trade.
Our two millionth capo was a great conversation piece: made of solid gold, elaborately enraved, and set with two diamonds and a lotus sapphire.

I couldn't resist taking it over to the Martin Guitar booth, and trying in on their Martin guitar # 1,000,000.


Below, John Jorgenson and his quintet at our Friday night event. If you look closely, you'll see Shubb Capo number two million on his guitar.
Our new 30 foot booth gave us the opportunity for more playing, and we were fortunate to be visited by several talented musicians:

Luis Villegas and Joe Garcia

mike and raul
Mike Phelan and Raul Reynoso

Gary Mobley
hardest working man in the music trade

Minutes after the show opens, Mike and Raul gang up on the first visitor. It got a whole lot busier pretty soon.

My partner, Dave Coontz

I was pleased to have Kelly Jordan temporarily back on hand as my personal assistant.

Steel guitar sensation Robert Randolph,
in front of his signature bars

When my wife had first met Mike Phelan, but didn't yet remember his name, she referred to him as
The Man with the Nice Smile

at the Friday night event...

John Jorgenson and Gonzalo Bergara

Raul Reynoso and John Jorgenson trade 4s

Likewise, John and Doug Mattocks ...the original Rhythm Brothers ride again!

NEW WEST: Raul Reynoso, Michael Fleming, David Jackson.

PALM SPRINGS YACHT CLUB: John Reynolds, Bob Reitmeier, Westy Westenhofer

Saga's Tora Bora Boys

Pictures from Winter NAMM in Anaheim
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Roger Espinoza

Richard Gilewitz

Paul Shelasky, Raul Reynoso, Ned Boynton

Raul Reynoso & me (Rick Shubb)


Dave Coontz, Rick Shubb.
This was Dave's first public appearance since selling his moustache to his wife.

Gary Mobley had a chance to play for about a minute. The rest of the time, he was busy talking to dealers, distributors, and players.

Jam at the booth. Playing: Raul Reynoso, Rick Shubb, Bob Wilson.
Listening: Kelly Jordan, Mary Wilson

This was Kelly Jordan's third NAMM show,
but her first since officially coming onboard with Shubb Capos.

30 years? No, not me ...the COMPANY!


Our Friday night event, 2004

Raul Reynoso, Dick Hardwick, Westy Westenhofer, John Jorgenson

Dick Hardwick, Bob Wilson, Rick Shubb, Charlie Warren

NEW WEST: Raul Reynoso, Michael Fleming, David Jackson

The ORIGINAL Rhythm Brothers:
Raul Reynoso, Charlie Warren, John Jorgenson

Bob Reitmeier, Raul and Westy


Previous Anaheim shows

Dave and Gary: the booth is ready for the show

Our good neighbors across the aisle, John and Linda Pearse (Breezy Ridge), David and Melissa Marks (Folkcraft Instruments).

Dave, Kelly, Gary, Raul, a few minutes before the show opens.

The Rhythm Brothers:
from left: Paul Shelasky, Raul Reynoso, John Reynolds, Westy Westenhofer.

Gary Mobley
Kelly Jordan... show day, setup day

Gary Swallows, designer of the GS Guitar Steel, and my partner Dave Coontz



(above) Richard Gilewitz played at the booth on Friday and Saturday

(right) Latin jam at the booth on Sunday with Roger Espinoza and friends