For nearly 20 years Jeff Peterson has been Clint Black's pedal steel player. This guy is the ultimate road warrior and a hellava nice guy. He also plays dobro and uses our dobro capo. He told me that because our dobro capos clamp onto the neck just like our guitar capos, they don't lose the resonance of the instrument as other dobro capos do.

I met Jeff in Nashville about 5 years ago and he immediately made me feel like one of the band. He invited me to one of their shows here in California. I found out it was his birthday that night so I came armed with ice cream cake, capos, and t-shirts. I got to meet eveyone in the band, as well as getting a press pass to take pics.

Jeff gave me what he referred to as "the nickel tour." I went on stage before the show and saw the way band was set up, and what really lurks in the wings. There were lots of guitars, tuned and ready to go; a few with Shubb capos already latched onto their necks. Both of Clint's guitar players that night were using our capo on several songs, as was Clint himself. After the show I got to mingle with the band backstage.

Very cool, and one of the more memorable shows that I've seen. Thanks Jeff, looking forward to the next one!


















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Jeff Peterson
notes by Gary Mobley