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"After one truly transfiguring concert ... the club's master of ceremonies suggested a group-hug for the guitaristically shell-shocked..."

That's from Martin's website, and I love that phrase: guitaristically shell-shocked.

Martin Simpson is the kind of guitarist other guitarists watch closely, trying to pick up details to imitate. What guitar does he play? What strings does he use? What picks? What capo? And I'm happy to report that whenever he puts a capo on his guitar, it is a Shubb.

Will using a Shubb capo make you play like Martin Simpson? Uh But it won't keep you from playing like him, either. At least that's a good start.

This is part of an email I received a few months ago:

"I just bought a Shubb C3 capo and -- wow -- how cool it is! Martin Simpson turned me onto your capos five years ago. If he says they're the best, that's all I need to know!" — Andy Ellis, senior editor, Guitar Player magazine.





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