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Richard Gilewitz

For the last few years, fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Richard Gilewitz has been a fixture at our NAMM show booths. His unique style and quirky sense of humor has made him a favorite at shows all over the world.

John & rick
Here is Richard at our booth in Indianapolis. If you look very closely, you'll see that he's using our solid gold, commemorative 2-millionth capo.




In addition to being a concert performer, Richard is one of the best teachers and clinicians I know. Last year I had the privilege to see Richard at work in that environment and he just seems to be able to connect with people. I highly recommend players interested in fingerstyle guitar to check him out.

Richard has written a very nice piece for us, entitled:

To Capo or Not to Capo — That is the question

Some of the fine musicians who use our products have come to feel like family to me, and that is definitely the case with Richard Gilewitz. It is a friendship beyond the bounds of artist endorsement.

Year after year as he travels the world performing and teaching, he continues to enthusiastically spread the word about our capos at seminars and workshops. I often receive emails from "the lucky winner of a Shubb Capo" at one of his workshops, always praising his muscianship and engaging personality.

Last year he sent this picture from Ireland: his entire class from a community college seminar, all displaying Shubb Capos catalogs. How could I not love this?


At this year's NAMM show in Anaheim we were going to be short-handed at the booth, and without a lot of advance notice we asked Richard to step in and help. He had played at the booth many times, but this would be his first time in the role of host and spokesman for the products and company. He handled the assignment skillfully, and shortly afterward he wrote an article about the experience called The Other Side of the Aisle.

May 2015: Here's a new article by Richard about capos and the ukulele.

Thanks, Richard, for your support, your music, and your friendship. You're one of a kind, bro.


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