Frequently Asked Questions

• I have an older Axys, that came in a specific size. Can I get a new ring?
   Yes. Additional rings are $2.00 each, and they will fit your Axys. The're available in small, medium, large, and XL. On those made before 2007, the ring can be a little difficult to remove; moreso in the smaller sizes. If you can find a section of PVC pipe that fits inside the Axys' bronze sleeve, you can use that to push or tap the ring out. Putting one in is easier than taking one out.

individual replacement rings for Axys

• Is the Axys available in glass?
   Not at this time, but we are hopeful that we will be able to offer a glass Axys some day. Please keep an eye on the Axys web page for the latest developments.

• My Axys is turning dark and dull. Is this normal?
   Yes it is. The axys sleeve is made of brass, and earlier models of bronze. There is no coating on them. Just like a statue or a bell made of these materials, the metal quickly darkens and will continue to darken for a long time, finally becoming a deep, metalic brown. Many people who appreciate brass or bronze find this look attractive. If you prefer your Axys to be shiny and gold colored, then polishing it with any good metal polish will return it to its original shine.

• What is the right way to use the Axys?
   It works best for most players to use it on the ring finger. Reach with your thumb on the same hand to rotate the Axys quickly, with the least time out from playing.

• Is it OK to use it on my little finger?
   Of course, if you want to. But even if you are accustomed to wearing a slide on your pinky, we suggest giving it a fair try on your ring finger, or middle finger. Their are some control advantages to be gained. And because of the way the Axys rotates to get out of the way of your fingering, the reason for wearing a slide on the little finger doesn't really apply any more.

• What are the sizes of the four rings?

  inches mm
ring size
SMALL 11/16 "
17.5 mm
19 mm
LARGE 13/16"
20.6 mm
22.2 mm

individual replacement rings for Axys

• What are the materials?
The rings are made of Delrin (polyoxymethyline, also known as acetal, or polyacetal).
The metal sleeve (the part that rotates) is made of brass. Earlier versions (prior to 2010) were made of bronze. The properties of these two materials is very similar in this application.

• Is the "Shubb reversible guitar slide" diffferent from the Axys?
They are the same product. Units packaged for sale in Europe are branded "Shubb Reversible Guitar Slide" as opposed to "Axys" because of a trademark dispute. The claim was questionable and shallow, but the simplest solution was to forego the Axys name in Europe.