the Shubb Capo for Dobro*
and other brands of resophonic guitar


This is the best capo ever put on a resophonic guitar.

It is NOT for use on Weissenborn style guitars with hollow necks, because their necks are too deep and too fragile.


Unlike other Dobro capos that attach only to the strings, the Shubb clamps solidly to the neck to provide great tone. It uses the same patented locking action of our Shubb guitar capo, and it aligns by touching the fret, not by eye, making it fast and accurate.


adjustment for different string action and neck size...

Square neck or round neck? Click here.

Dobro capo service and parts

Have you tried the GS Guitar Steel?

Is your action a little higher? The "dobro piece" (that goes beteen the strings and the fretboard) on our standard dobro capo can be set to either 3/8" or 7/16". But if the action on your instrument is higher, and requires a 1/2" inch "dobro piece," that is available:

Dobro capo with 1/2" dobro piece ($46.95):


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*"Dobro" is a registered trademark of the Gibson company.
This capo was designed with the cooperation of the Gibson company to fit on Dobro brand guitars. For about a year it was packaged with the Dobro logo, and marketed by both ourselves and by Gibson. In addition to fitting Dobro brand guitars, it fits most guitars that are commonly referred to (generically) as "dobros" — as long as they are set up to play with a bar, with high string action (3/8" – 1/2" above the fretboard).