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Winter NAMM 2011
(Anaheim, Jan. 13-16)

Rick Shubb, Mike Phelan, Richard Gilewitz

We were a bit short-handed at the booth part of the time this year. My partner Dave Coontz didn't make the trip, as production considerations kept him back at our shop in Missouri. Raul Reynoso had planned to be there for 3 of the 4 days, but a family matter called him away for much of the time. And Kelly Jordan got whatever bug it was that was going around, which sidelined her for two of the days.

NAMM show veterans Gary Mobley and Mike Phelan were on hand for all four days, though, and I worked the booth more this time than I have been in recent years. Guitarist Richard Gilewitz was kind enough to pitch in and help out with the booth as well, and turned out to be very good at it. No surprise there, though, as Richard is articulate, gregarious, and well-versed in our products. Thanks, Richard, it made a big difference.

We were once again privileged to present the incredible John Jorgenson Quintet in concert for our Friday night event. Also on the show this time was New West, coming out of semi-retirement by special request (from me) for a great set of cowboy songs. And once again I dusted off the old 5-string to sit in with Saga's Tora Bora boys for a set of traditional bluegrass.

John Jorgenson never fails to amaze. His quintet is perhaps the tightest and best it has ever been, and his own playing continues to raise the bar for guitar virtuosity. NAMM audiences are very discerning. The house was full, even at the end, and everyone was totally blown away this night. John my friend, you are a legend. Thank you.

daniel ho
Daniel Ho is enthused over our new ukulele capo
along with Gary Mobley and Richard Gilewitz


Kamille Rudisell favored us with a few songs

tierra negra
Tierra Negra (Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs) played a set at the booth

tony mcmanus
Richard Gilewitz, Tony McManus, Gary Mobley

One of our newest endorsing artists, Ravi, sporting a pair of Shubbs
muriel anderson
Gary Mobley and Muriel Anderson
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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011
(April 5-8, Frankfurt, Germany)

Our capable (or should it be capo-able?) booth assistant, Tina Steigerwald.

Herbert Tschernig, Martin Tschernig, Gary Mobley, Hans-Peter Tschernig
For many years our excellent distributors in Austria.

Julian Dawson
julian and sonia
SONiA and Julian
Richard Gilewitz

Gary and our super distributor in Germany, Gerhard Knauer

Tina displays our new capo for ukulele




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Summer NAMM show 2011
Nashville, TN. July 21-23

Gary Mobley, Dave Coontz, Gary Swallows, Rick Shubb, Raul Reynoso

This year's Summer NAMM changed its days to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (having always been Fri-Sat-Sun in the past). It seemed to work out pretty well for attendance, which was up from last year. Our evening events shifted nights to correspond, which meant we presented the John Jorgenson Quintet in concert at the Hermitage Hotel on Thursday night this year. The show was a big success, both in terms of audience attendance and enthusiasm, and especially in musical excellence. John's quintet is the best it has ever been, and their performance was superb

All-Star Guitar night, which has always been on Saturday, moved to Friday night, and featured many top guitarists including notable members of the Shubb family of endorsers, Tierra Negra.

Along with my partner Dave Coontz, myself, and sales manager Gary Mobley, we were fortunate to be joined again by dear friend Raul Reynoso who always brings a special presence and expertise to the booth. And this year, Gary Swallows, creator of the GS guitar steel, joined us as well. He's another great "people person" and added his own brand of positive energy to our booth.

Donna Munn, Jessica Munn, Raul Reynoso
Jessica is one of Raul's best guitar students.

rick monroe
Rick Monroe played a set at the booth
At first I didn't recognize him without his cowboy hat



Aria Summer
Aria Summer proudly displays her Shubb Capo

keegan mclellan
Fingerstyle guitar stylist Keegan McClellan joined us again at the booth.


Directly across the aisle from us were our friends from Voyage-air Guitars.
Here is one of their demonstrators, Karl Broderix, who also happens to be demonstrating his Shubb capo.

grant and aria
Aria Summer and Grant Austin Taylor played a set at the booth

grant and aria
Grant Austin Taylor, Gary Mobley, Aria Summer

tierra negra
Gary Mobley went to All-Star guitar night decked out in his black Capo Noir T-shirt in honor of Tierra Negra...
who crossed him up by wearing all white!


john jorgenson

John Jorgenson onstage at the Hermitage;
pardon the photo quality, light was very low.

If you look very carefully, you can see his Shubb capo at the 3rd fret as he closes the show with his own Ultraspontane.


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Healdsburg Guitar Festival 2011
Healdsburg, CA. August 12-13

guitar hall
Our good friend Richard Gilewitz was there, and that means some great guitar playing!
Gary Mobley's daughter, Jocelyn, was on hand to help him with the booth.
No pics of Gary? He's behind the camera.

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Guitarlington 2011
Arlington TX. Oct. 15-16
guitar room

This was our first time exhibiting at the big guitar show in Arlington, Texas. Gary described it as a real grassroots show, with lots of dealers and players. The exhibitors were mostly small guitar companies or guitar dealers.

The show was fairly well attended, but probably could have been much better if the Texas Rangers' baseball playoff game had not been going on just across the street!

The traffic associated with a major league playoff game may have been enough to deter some people. Of course, promoters of an event like this have no way of knowing in advance that the local team will be playing in the post season, or what the post season schedule will be.

Still, the show was fairly busy, and some good business was done.

This is the view of the Texas Rangers' ballpark from Gary's hotel room.
If the hotel had been about 20 stories taller, he might have been able to watch the game from his room.



gary with texas guitar
Yeah, but what did the case look like?


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