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Winter NAMM 2016
(Anaheim, Jan. 21-24)

Raul Reynoso, Mike Phelan, Rick Shubb, Gary Mobley


Our Friday night show, featuring the John Jorgenson Quintet.quintet
John Jorgenson, Simon Planting, Jason Anick


John finds the highest note on the Bouzouki.


Click on a thumbnail image to view at hi-res:
john1__ john2 __John3__john4__quintet__quintet2

John Jorgenson Quintet
Jeff Radaich, Rick Reid, John Jorgenson, Simon Planting, Jason Anick

Doyle Dykes
Doyle Dykes

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doyle1 __doyle2


Jamie Stillway
Jamie Stillway

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jamie1 __jamie2__jamie3



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AnnMarit1 __Ann2__ann3__ann4

Andy McKee
Andy McKee

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andy1 __andy2__andy3__


Calico the Band

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calico1 __calico2__calico3


Rick Monroe
Rick Monroe

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Ted Wulfers
Ted Wulfers

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Jaime Wyatt
Jaime Wyatt and the Bang Bangs

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Jaime1 __jaime2__jaime3__jaime4

Roger Espino
Roger Espino

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roger1 __roger2__roger3


Milan Boronell
Milan Boronell

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milan1 __milan2__milan3


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sonia1 __Sonia2__Sonia3


And last but not least...
Dave and Raul
Dave Coontz, Raul Reynoso

Folk Alliance 2016
(Kansas City MO, Feb.17-21)

This was our second year at Folk alliance, and this time we really got all the way into it. With the indispensible help of Sonia Rutstein and Terry Irons, our guy Gary Mobley — the hardest working man in the music trade — did double duty.

By day he held forth at our merchandise booth...booth

...and by night he hosted our "private showcase," a hotel room turned mini-night club. We called it the Capo-Cabana, and it ran as late as 4am presenting some excellent talent.

Here is Tret Fure at our private showcase, singing a song on which she utilizes three capos.


Our old friend Bill Nash showed up at the booth. Not to be outdone, he calls and raises one, showing us a tune on which he uses FOUR capos!
bill nash



Our little nightclub, the Capocabana, showcased some really topnotch talent. Most of the time the light was too low for getting a good photo, let alone video, so we don't have much to share here. But our deepest appreciation and thanks go out to the stars of our show (in order of appearance, almost):

Cary Morin
C. Daniel Boling
Abigail Stauffer
Amilia Spicer and Tom Prasada-Rao
Kate McLeod and James Scott
Martin Harley
Sarah Lou Richards
Alice Peacock
Amber Rubarth
Marc O'Reilly
Eric Andersen
The Goodtime Travelers
The Small Glories
Pushing Chain
Tret Fure
Anna Vogelzang
Melissa Greener

...and most of all, the one and only SONiA, who played each night at midnight. We love you, Sonia.

South By Southwest 2016
(Austin TX, March 15-20)

Raul and Amelia
Raul Reynoso and Amelia Spicer


Raul Reynoso and Brad Zell
Raul with Brad Zell from QSC

Musikmesse 2016
(Frankfurt, Germany, April 7-10)

sonia and kid
SONiA and a young admirer


Richard Gilewitz on the Acoustic Stage.
At least there was some natural light somewhere. Sunlit hall 3, where our stand was formerly located, was not used this year.
We were relocated to hall 8, which Gary now refers to as "the dungeon."

Dallas Guitar Show 2016
(April 29-May1)


Summer NAMM 2016
(Nashville, June 23-25)

Brad and Tim
Brad Davis and Tim May

Mean Mary
Mean Mary

John Jorgenson proudly displays his Shubb Capo.

Jenny Tolman
Jenny Tolman

James Burton
James Burton is presented with his custom engraved capo.
With Rick and Gary.

Alice and Brian
Alice Wallace and Brian Ashley Jones

Colin and Gary
Colin Hay with Gary Mobley

Rick and Gary
Gary Mobley and Rick Shubb

Gary S
Gary Swallows


 Hiland capo

Johnny Hiland is presented with an engraved capo.

Hiland Red Capo
Johnny's shiny red capo
Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration 2016
(Sept. 30- Oct.2)


Chuck and Tony
Chuck Erikson, the legendary "Duke Of Pearl," and Tony McManus


Kenny Sultan with his new F1 capo
Guitar Whiz Tony McManus


Music China 2016
(Shanghai, Oct. 26-29)




Our friend Peter Bursch from Germany dropped by.


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