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We're musicians, and the players are our people. We treasure our relationships with those of you who are using our products on the job. We take pride in providing gear that helps to solve problems without creating new ones, so that you can focus on creating music. And we're here if you need us.

Andy McKeeJames Burtongarth brooksBonnie RaittDoyle DykesJohn JorgensonSonia Jade GallagherRichard GilewitzLulo ReinhardtRory BlockRick MonroeRoyRopgersPete Townshend

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Eddie & Martha Adcock
The Bangles
Skunk Baxter
Elvin Bishop
Clint Black
Rory Block
Liona Boyd

Garth Brooks
Peter Bursch
James Burton
Calico, the Band
Alexx Calise
Larry Campbell &
    Teresa Williams

Bobby Cochran
Chelsea Constable
Brad Davis
Julian Dawson
Doyle Dykes
Steve Earle
Pat Enright
Roger Espino
Tony Furtado
Jade Gallagher
Richard Gilewitz
Gipsy Kings
Susie Glaze
Peter Grant
Colin Hay
Johnny Hiland
Daniel Ho
Cui Jian
John Jorgenson
Steve Kaufman
Jorma Kaukonen
Jim Lauderdale
Laurie Lewis
Gordon Lightfoot
David Lindley
Lisa Loeb
Lyle Lovett
Oni Logan
Marley's Ghost
Doug Mattocks
Tim May
John McEuen
Jonathan McEuen
Andy McKee
Tony McManus
Buddy Miller
Rick Monroe
Gary Mule Deer
David Nelson
New West
Robin Nolan
Randall Padilla
Herb Pedersen
Raining Jane
Bonnie Raitt

Robert Randolph
Lulo Reinhardt
Raul Reynoso
Ed Robertson
Roy Rogers
Peter Rowan
Tom Rozum
Jim Salestrom
Brian Setzer
Paul Simon
the Small Glories
Dave Stamey
Payton Taylor
Tierra Negra
Jenny Tolman
Pete Townshend
Molly Tuttle
Jesse Valenzuela
Sally Van Meter
Jimmie Vaughan
Luis Villegas
Jerry Jeff Walker
Alice Wallace
Pete Wernick
Lucinda Williams
Jaime Wyatt

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JB Aaron
Pat Alger
Agustin Amigo
Janvi Anand
Tyler Andal
Eric Andersen
Alex Anderson
Antonio Andrade
Clara Baker
Lisa Bastoni
Terry Baucom
Tim Bertsch
Bradley Bischoff
The Black Feathers
Junior Blankenship
Boyd Blomberg
C. Daniel Boling
Gary Brewer
Dix Bruce
John Bryan
Bart Budwig
Zane Carney
Jud Caswell
Linda Chorney
David Church
Lewis Clark
Danny Click
Dave Cofell
Tim Coffey
Annette Conlon
Grace Constable
Bill Cooley

Matt Costa
RJ Cowdery
Adam Dalton
Delaney Davidson
Ashley Dawn
John De Hoyos
Debra Devi
Ferdy Doernberg
Antoine DuFour
Jean-Pierre Durand
Lonny Eagleton
Tim Easton
JD Edwards
Herman Eng
Flagship Romance
Sawyer Fredericks
Eric Frey
Simon PC Frost
Tret Fure
C.J. Garton
Jimmy Gaudreau
Jamey Geston
Tyler Gilbert
Jaquie Gipson
Donagh Gleason
the Good Time

Kevin Gordon
Tommy Graven
Pat Green
Melissa Greener
Vito Gregoli
Arlo Guthrie
Pete Hale
Adam Hammer
Martin Harley
Jamie Harrison
Leanne Harte

Dave Hawkins

Izzy Heital
Xander Hitzig
Rory Hoffman
Marc Horowitz
Alice Howe

Luke Jackson
Joshua Jarman
Chad Jeffers
Cameron Jericho
Jacob Johnson
Brian Ashley Jones
Jason Jordan
Kaia Kater
Cassie Keenum
Sean Kiely
Nikhil Korula
Michael Lattanzi
Liz Lawrence
Christene LeDoux
Cody Looper
Marcos Lopez-Iglesias
Cara Luft
Claire Lynch


Kate MacLeod
Andre Madatian
Madison Malone
Skeeter Mann
Woody Mann
Buzzy Martin
David Martinez
Mean Mary
J Mascis
Iain Matthews
Bobby Maynard
Amy McCarley
Jeremy McComb
Del McCoury
Anne McCue
Adam McDonough
Fitz McGill
Brian McKenzie
Raymond McLain
Pat McLaughlin
Michael J. Miles
Millpond Moon
The Moon and You
Moors & McCumber
Cary Morin

Sam Morrow
Mountain Highway
Findlay Napier
Bill Nash
Dan Navarro
Kari Newhouse
Marc O'Reilly
Over the Moon
David Parmley
Dan Parsons
Leon Pashley
Ruby Leigh Pearson
Kim Petrarca
Ed Pettersen

Steve Poltz
Steve Postell
Dave Powers
Darryl Purpose
Sarah Lou Richards
Andy Roberts
Burnelle Rose
Pam Rose
Whitney Rose
Mandy Rowden
Amber Rubarth
Jordan Rudess
Runner of the Woods
Bart Ryan
George Sabolick
Petteri Sariola
Chris Sartisohn
Micah Scott
Jeff Scroggins
the Slocan Ramblers
John Smith
Jon Sousa
Amilia K Spicer
Rick Spinney
Michael Spriggs
Tyler Stafford
Stanford Road
Ralph Stanley II
Steve Stern
Jamie Stillway
Rebecca Sullivan
Jeff Talmadge
Grant Austin Taylor
Them Coulee Boys
Anna Tivel
Tyler Thompson
Liam Tiernan
Jenny Tolman
Teresa Topaz
Taylor Tote
Molly Tuttle
Violet Bell
Chris Vita
Jimmy Vivino
Anna Vogelzang
Jeffrey Scott Waddell
Dan Walker
Randy Waller
Joanna Wallfisch
Dennis Warner
Nigel Wearne
The Wildwoods
Brooks Williams
Yasmin WilliamsHurricane Wilson
Tony Wray
Ted Wulfers
Stuart Wyrick
Tony Ybarra
Keith Yoder

Emily Zuzik

Past Masters

They're gone, but their music lives on. And when their music called for a capo, their choice was Shubb.

Chet Atkins
Chet Atkins


Pete Seeger


Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia


Doc Watson
Doc Watson


John Denver
John Denver


John Hartford
John Hartford


Some players talk about Shubb Capos...

Andy McKee:


Johnny Hiland:


Peter Bursch:

Tim May:

Richard Gilewitz:

Jaime Wyatt:




New feature:
Artists we have featured in our magazine ads...

About our artists program

We've never paid anyone to endorse our products because:

A) We can't afford it.    
B) We don't approve of it.    
C) We don't need to.    
D) It's just not how it's done

All of the above. Many players are so satisfied with our capos that they are happy to be associated with them. In fact, many times players have contacted us, simply asking permission to say that they endorse our capos. Of course, we say yes. Once a connection is made, we take pleasure in standing behind our artists in whatever way we can.

Most of the best players use Shubb Capos, as you can see by the names on this page. All of these artists have enthusiastically given us their permission to use their name and image, and they all use Shubb capos exclusively, by their own choice.

Many other top artists not listed here also use Shubb Capos, but we have not yet made contact with them to get permission. When it comes to endorsements in the music business, it is not like the larger world of advertising. Unlike sports stars or pop idols who receive a fortune from big companies to pretend that they prefer one brand of soda pop or underwear, professional musicians will only use the stuff they want to use. And most of the companies that make the stuff they use (our company, for one) don't have a spare fortune to throw at them for endorsements. They wouldn't take it, anyway. So when you see someone using a Shubb capo, I guarantee you it's because that is their choice.


Should you be included in our artist program?

• Do you make your living playing or teaching music?
• Do you use a Shubb Capo exclusively, and no other?
• Would you be a sincere and positive spokesperson for our capos and our company?

If you would like us to consider including you in our artist program, email some information about yourself including link(s) to video(s). Or snailmail us a CD and promo pack.

If you are already in our artist program and have any questions or needs, you are invited to contact:

Gary Mobley |
Raul Reynoso |
both at 707-843-4068


Do electric guitarists use capos?
If someone tells you no, show them this...


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