Winter NAMM 2005, Anaheim


Arturo Meuniot was on hand all four days to help launch the new Talon guitar stand, which he designed. If he appears proud, he has good reason to be. Talon was received very enthusiastically by the trade.

This was probably our most exciting and eventful trade show ever. We introduced three new products. Three new products at one show may not be a big deal to some companies, but it is to us. At the 2005 NAMM show we introduced:

Original Shubb capo in black chrome finish

guitar stand for solid body electrics

Robert Randolph Guitar Steel
made to the specs of the steel guitar sensation.

This made it a really special show for us, and the booth was jumping nonstop for four days.


raul and rick

We also expanded from a 20' to a 30' booth in '05, and we really enjoyed the added elbow room. It enabled us to have more live music at the booth without discontinuing business meetings.

My good friend Mike Phelan joined us for his first NAMM show at the booth, along with Talon designer Arturo Meuniot, Raul Reynoso, Kelly Jordan, and of course my partner Dave Coontz and my right hand man, Gary Mobley.

We unveiled our commemorative two millionth capo. Our friend, jeweler Jon Moriarty of 14 Karats in Berkeley, helped us with this one.

It is solid gold, custom engraved over its entire surface, and is mounted with two diamonds and a lotus sapphire.

I Couldn't resist taking it over to the Martin Guitar booth and trying it on Martin Guitar #1,000,000. The folks at Martin really got into it, too, and we had a lot of fun taking pictures. The solid gold engraved capo looked right at home on this stunning instrument; a collaboration of the master builders at Martin, and inlay artist extraodinaire Larry Robinson.

Get a closer look at Martin #1,000,000...

kellyIt was Kelly Jordan's last NAMM show as a fulltime employee of Shubb Capos, although she has continued to help out on an occasional basis. During the time she was with the company, we became more productive and dynamic than we've ever been.

john jorgenson

We hosted a Friday night event for our international distributors, and once again were fortunate to have John Jorgenson and his quintet. Just when you think guitar playing can't get any better, John amazes you all over again!

Look very closely, and you'll see that John is using the solid gold, two millionth capo.


Our new 30 foot booth gave us the opportunity for more playing, without disrupting business. We were fortunate to be visited by several talented musicians.



Lus Villegas and Joe Garcia


Richard Gilewitz

Roger Espinoza

Paul Shelasky, Raul Reynoso, Ned Boynton

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