I drove home late Thursday night on an urgent matter, and flew back to the show Sunday morning, so I missed Friday and Saturday. My lovely wife Linda flew down with me, returning to the NAMM show for the first time in a few years.

The part of the show that I'm sorriest to have missed is our Friday night event. Reports are that it was a real killer, and considering the talent we had on hand, it couldn't have been otherwise.

Thanks to David Gartland of Saga for stepping up to the plate and pinch-hitting for me Friday night. And thanks to some of my favorite musicians and good friends who were on hand: David Jackson, Michael Fleming, Westy Westenhofer, Bob Reitmeier, John Reynolds, and of course, the great John Jorgenson and his quintet.

Most of all, thanks to Raul Reynoso, a hell of a player and a hell of a guy, for making the Friday event possible, and for making the Anaheim NAMM show a pleasure.

John and Doug
Likewise, John and Doug Mattocks. The original Rhythm Brothers ride again!

Mike and Raul
Mike Phelan, Raul Reynoso

Winter NAMM '06
notes by Rick Shubb


Unfortunately, I was called away by an urgent family matter in the middle of the show, and had to miss Friday and Saturday. My apologies to those friends who missed me, and to those with whom I'd have spent far more time.

A big round of applause for my indispensible right-hand man, Gary Mobley, who doubled his already heavy work load in covering for me.

The booth was hopping nonstop on the two days I was there, and I'm told it was even busier on Friday and Saturday.


Below: Moments after the show opens, Mike and Raul gang up on the first visitor. It got a lot busier a few minutes later.
Gary Mobley, hardest working man in the music trade.
booth 06
I was pleased to have Kelly Jordan temporarily back on board for the first part of the show as my personal assistant

We were also joined again this year by good friend Michael Phelan. Mike's charisma was a real asset to the booth, as was his knowledge of the products ...as a performer, he uses practically everything we make.

Mike Phelan
When my wife had first met Mike Phelan, but didn't yet remember his name, she referred to him as:
The Man with the Nice Smile

Dave Coontz
Dave Coontz.
My partner for 32 years: as always, rock solid.

Richard Gilewitz
Fingerstyle guitar master Richard Gilewitz has been kind enough to visit our booth many times during the past couple of years, and favor us with a few tunes. It's always a highlight of any show, and he has begun to feel like one of the family.

Robert Randolph
Steel guitar sensation Robert Randolph stopped by the booth to say hello: striking a characteristic pose in front of his own signature steels.
Raul Reynoso
Doing double duty again this year, both as a key member of the booth team and spearheading the Friday night event, was the one and only Raul Reynoso.


The Friday Night event

John Jorgenson
John Jorgenson, Gonzalo Bergara

raul & john
Raul and John trade 4s
Bob Reitmeier
Bob Reitmeier — best clarinet player on (or off) the planet.
Westy Westenhofer
John Reynolds
John Reynolds
Mike Fleming
Mike Fleming
David Jackson
David P. Jackson
Charlie Chadwick
Charlie Chadwick
Stephan Dudash
Stephan Dudash