Summer NAMM, Austin TX
, 2007

Kevin and RickDuring setup day, Kevin Johnstone, NAMM's director of trade shows, was zipping around the hall on this two-wheeled scooter thing I'd never seen before. It's called a Segway, and it is quite the rage in Austin. Later that night, I saw dozens of them humming along the sidewalks around town.

Kevin gave me a lesson on how to ride it. It turned out to be pretty intuitive, and didn't take long to feel fairly comfortable.


no hands
"Look Ma, no hands!"
I didn't master it to the extent that Kevin had, but he's a two-wheeler from 'way back. I don't doubt that he could pop a wheelie on this thing.

Gary and Raul
Gary took a few minutes out on setup day to pick up some pointers on guitar from Raul.

katherine dawn
Gary with Texas singer-songwriter Katherine Dawn.
Note the Shubb bumper sticker as fashion accessory.

While I was away from the booth, we had a visitor who bore a distinct resemblance to me. Or at least, to me when there were a few more dark hairs. He even dressed like I do. When I returned to the booth, I saw the picture below, but received no explanation. On the small display of the camera, it looked just like me, a few years back. Puzzled, all I could say was "what the hell ...?" An hour or so later I met the guy, who complimented me on being a good-looking fellow.

Raul Reynoso, Not Rick Shubb, Dave Coontz

Richard Gilewitz was happy with his new signature 12-string from Breedlove.

Richard Gilewitz arrived at the NAMM show around 5:15 on Friday afternoon, and I asked him if he'd like to play a few tunes on our John Jorgenson concert that night. That's pretty sort notice, but he quickly rounded up his gear from a hotel room and a couple of NAMM booths, and made it over to the ballroom just in time for a quick sound check.

A real pro, Richard remained unruffled and played beautifully on the show.

The Friday night John Jorgenson concert
(the light was pretty low, but I did the best I could to make the photos look OK)

gilewitz onstage
Richard Gilewitz opened the show

John on clariner
Early in the show, John broke a string on his new signature Gitane. While a pit crew of three was busy replacing his first string with a second string, and then again with a first string, John treated us to a little more clarinet than usual ...and a little earlier in the show than usual.



The John Jorgenson Quintet was in great form, as always. They played over an hour set that featured a lot of new material, some tunes as yet untitled, and received a standing ovation and encore.

John Jorgenson
John Jorgenson


Charlie Chadwick

Gonzalo Bergara     |     Rick Reed
Stephan Dudash


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