James Burton Guitar Festival
Shreveport LA
Aug.19-21, '05

Gary had a great time at the James Burton Guitar Festival. James and his family were extremely warm and friendly, and made him feel right at home.

The festival was a benefit for the James Burton Foundation, which provides musical instruments for underprivileged children. A good cause!

The talent there was prodigious: Gary was especially inspired by Doyle Dykes, Jerry Donahue, Johnny Hiland, Eric Johnson, and of course, James himself. He's still raving about the abundance of guitar talent at this festival.

James has been in touch with us since with regards to planning his next festival. He hopes to make it an annual event, but the second festival may not occur until 2007. The dates have not been set yet (as of Spring 2006) but he's thinking of moving out of the heat of mid summer. With players like these, it'll still be hot whenever it happens.


James Burton
The Man himself

Shubb booth
Our booth at the trade show segment of the festival


doyle dykes
Doyle Dykes

Gary with Donahue, Duncan
Gary Mobley, Seymour Duncan, Jerry Donahue


burton and nelsons
James Burton with the Nelson Brothers
He was a sideman for their father, but the roles look reversed here


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