Musikmesse Frankfurt '08
March 12 — 15, 2008

Our booth for Musikesse 2008 was pretty similar to the past two years; I guess we must have it down.

I did not personally attend Frankfurt 2008, simply because there was so much going on here at home that my place was here. Best regards to all of my friends who I missed seeing at Musikmesse. But our show was in the capable hands of sales manager Gary Mobley, who had many productive meetings and (I hope) had some fun, too.




First day at the opening bell, Gary still looks fresh, although the capo appears to be swallowing his head like Pac-Man.

gilewitz onstage
We sponsored Richard Gilewitz for performances on Musikmesse's Acoustic Stage. It was Richard's first trip to Frankfurt; hopefully the first of many.


gilewitz booth
Richard also played a set at our booth each day.
As you can see, he had 'em rolling in the aisles, as usual. Well ...they are Germans, after all.



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