Healdsburg Guitar Festival
Healdsburg CA

, 2007

no hands
This festival has been going on for many years, and it is practically in our own back yard, so it's kind of surprising that this was the first year we've exhibited. But better late than never. I'm thinking we will make Healdsburg a part of our regular annual trade show schedule.

It is a showcase for many of the world's finest independent luthiers; a real feast for any guitar lover, and a gathering place for discerning members of the guitar community. While I was unable to be there myself, our stand was capably staffed by trade show veteran Gary Mobley and Cindy Hawkins.

Cindy at the booth

Cindy is fairly new to trade show exhibiting, but she's far from new to our products and our company, having been with Shubb Capos for many years.

Kevin and Rick

Gary and Cindy both felt that this festival gave them the opportunity to demonstrate some of the nuances of our product line to a very well targeted segment of the music world, and they enjoyed the experience. Special thanks to festival sponsors Luthiers' Mercantile Interntional and Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Healdburg Guitar Festival

action in the hall




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