John at the boothJohn Jorgenson, Charlie Chadwick, Stephan Dudash, and me (Rick Shubb)

Dick HardwickSpecial thanks to my buddy Dick Hardwick for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us in his home state. It was great to have him at the booth and on the bandstand, and to meet some of his friends and family.

And thanks to Gary Swallows, Richard Gilewitz, Charlie Chadwick, Gonzalo Bergara, Stephan Dudash, all the guys at Saga, and of course my good friend, John Jorgenson, who makes any event special.

Attendance was a bit light. We did manage to have several productive meetings, but the highlights of the show for us were musical.

Friday night we co-sponsored a concert (along with Saga) featuring the John Jorgenson Quintet.The event was a big success. John's playing was simply phenomenal, and the whole group just keeps getting better all the time.

Then on Saturday John and the entire group visited the booth, where they played a few tunes. I got to sit in on a couple, much to my enjoyment. They stayed for a while and visited with everyone who came by to hear and meet them.

Gary Swallows (inventor of the GS steel) with John Jorgenson


Here I am jamming at the Saga booth. That's Richard Keldsen front and center with their new Carter Stanley guitar.



The Friday Night Concert

Charlie Chadwick, John Jorgenson, Dick Hardwick
(not shown: Gonzalo Bergara and Stephan Dudash) Yes, Dick always has this much fun.

Me introducing John and his quintet

Saga's Tora Bora Boys, with me sitting in on banjo.


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My dear friends Linda and John Pearse

GilewitzLivening up our booth was fingerstyle guitar wizard Richard Gilewitz, who was kind enough to play a set for us on each of the three days.

If you look carefully, you'll see that he's using Shubb Capo number two million, our solid gold, engraved piece of functional jewelry.

boothAt the booth:

Gary Mobley proclaims the booth ready to go.

In past summer shows we've used just a minimal 10x10 booth, but this year we expanded to 20 feet. It was comfortable, and seemed like just the right size for this show.

Stephan Dudash, of the John Jorgenson quintet.
Gonzalo Bergara, John Jorgenson, Charlie Chadwick