Winter NAMM 2011, Anaheim
notes by Rick Shubb

We were a bit short-handed at the booth part of the time this year. My partner Dave Coontz didn't make the trip, as production considerations kept him back at our shop in Missouri. Raul Reynoso had planned to be there for 3 of the 4 days, but a family matter called him away for much of the time. And Kelly Jordan got whatever bug it was that was going around, which sidelined her for two of the days.

NAMM show veterans Gary Mobley and Mike Phelan were on hand for all four days, though, and I worked the booth more this time than I have been in recent years. Guitarist Richard Gilawitz was kind enough to pitch in and help out with the booth as well, and turned out to be very good at it. No surprise there, though, as Richard is articulate, gregarious, and well-versed in our products. Thanks, Richard, it made a big difference.

We were once again privileged to present the incredible John Jorgenson Quintet in concert for our Friday night event. Also on the show this time was New West, coming out of semi-retirement by special request (from me) for a great set of cowboy songs. And once again I dusted off the old 5-string to sit in with Saga's Tora Bora boys for a set of traditional bluegrass.

John Jorgenson never fails to amaze. His quintet is perhaps the tightest and best it has ever been, and his own playing continues to raise the bar for guitar virtuosity. NAMM audiences are very discerning. The house was full, even at the end, and everyone was totally blown away this night. John my friend, you are a legend. Thank you.


booth 2011
Rick Shubb, Mike Phelan, Richard Gilewitz

Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho is enthused about our new capo for ukulele,
along with Gary Mobley and Richard Gilewitz.

Endorsing artist Ravi sporting a pair of Shubbs.

Kamille Rudisell favored us with a few songs

Gary Mobley and Muriel Anderson

tierra negra
Tierra Negra (Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs)

tony mcmanus
Richard Gilewitz, Tony McManus, Gary Mobley