Summer NAMM show 2008
Nashville, TN
We returned to Music City, after NAMM's 3-year experiment in city-shopping for the summer show. This was a high-energy show: smaller than previous Nashville shows in exhibitor space (the entire arena section was not used at all), but well-attended and busy.
coontz, swallows
My partner, Dave Coontz, chats with GS Steel inventor GarySwallows
Gary Mobley, working hard
Gary working even harder
Kelly Jordan
caught a few minutes to practice on setup day
rick shubb
Here I am in the grand ballroom of the Hermitage hotel.

Again we were proud to present the incredible John Jorgenson and his quintet in concert.
The venue was especially elegant: Nashville's historic Hermitage Hotel. Its lobby and ballroom are beautiful, and provided the perfect setting for this evening of fantastic acoustic music.

JOhn Jorgenson


Grand ballroom at the Hermitage
John and dick
John, with my good buddy Dick Hardwick (percussion)

tora bora
Saga's Tora Bora Boys opened the show, with me sitting in on banjo


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