Summer NAMM 2010, Nashville TN
notes by Rick Shubb

NAMM's first public day was Sunday at Summer NAMM. It turned out to be a good idea, as it helped to perk up the otherwise lightly-attended show. Nashville had been devastated by floods just a few short weeks before, and is still recovering from the damage that included the loss of countless rare and irreplaceable instruments. Maybe it was the spectre of the disaster that made many folks stay home this year, its hard to say. But those of us who were there did some good business and had a good time. The highlight for me, as it has been for a few years now, was being able to present and enjoy the John Jorgenson Quintet in concert Friday night. John' s incredible guitar virtuosity never fails to amaze ...thank you, my friend.

Saturday night was All-Star Guitar night, and Shubb Capos has now come on board as a sponsor of this event as well. We hope to make a tradition of participating in this. This year the venue was the famous Wild Horse Saloon, and the show featured many top guitarists jamming together, including members of our own family of Shubb endorsers James Burton, Doyle Dykes, and Tierra Negra. Thanks to Muriel Anderson for assembling a great lineup of guitar talent.


Pedro Desilva
New endorsing artist Pedro DeSilva


Keegan McClellan
finger-stylist Keegan McClellan


Summer Hullander
appropriate to the summer show, Summer Hullender


Tim May
Tim May played a tune or two at the booth


Rick and Raul
Raul Reynoso and I dust off one of our greatest hits



all star guitar nightOnce again Shubb Capos was among the sponsors for All Star Guitar Night.
Shown here: hostess Muriel Anderson and Shubb endorsers Tierra Negra.


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