Shubb Capos on the Oscars

Our oscar string was broken in 2006. No Shubb Capos on the Academy Awards telecast. But there weren't any guitars visible, so in a sense, you might say the string is still alive. We were represent the past two years...

Academy Awards telecast 2005:

Counting Crows (with guitarist Dan Vickrey using his Shubb Capo) performed the nominated song Accidentally in Love, from Shrek II.


counting crows

Academy Awards telecast 2004:

Eugene Levy (as Mitch, of Mitch and Mickie) used a Shubb Capo on A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow, from A Mighty Wind.

By the way, "Mark Shubb," in that film, is no relation. Anybody know how they came up with the name? If so, let me know.)   ...Rick