It's everything the original Shubb Capo is, and more!
Crafted of
stainless steel, its new roller mechanism provides ultimately smooth operation.

When the Shubb Capo was first introduced in 1980, capos were elevated to a whole new level. Now more than 20 years later, we're pushing the envelope again. How could a Shubb capo be improved?

Stainless steel resists wear and nicks. It will look as beautiful years from now as it does today.

The restyled lever is easier to handle while opening and closing.

The new roller further reduces wear, while adding smoothness to the opening and closing action. The roller engages in a track, ensuring precise alignment.

The closing action is more uniform, closing with the same feel and requiring less adjustment between thicker and thinner parts of the neck. (more on this advantage...)

To download a 300 dpi black and white jpeg of the S1 capo, click here.

Download an informative Dealer guide to Shubb Deluxe Capos (pdf file).

Available in these models:
  • S1 (for steel string guitar) picture
  • S2 (for classical guitar) picture
  • S3 (for 12-string guitar) picture,
  • S4 (for 7.25" radius fretboard) picture,
  • S5 (for banjo, flat fretboard) picture.
  • S5r (for banjo, radius fretboard)
  • S3v (special: for guitars with extra-thick necks)
    The suggested list price of Shubb Deluxe capos
    has now been reduced to $24.95!

Which is the right way to apply a Shubb Capo, from above or below the neck?