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the banjo player

For anyone who would like to know more about my earlier days as a musician and music teacher, here is an article you can download and read. It was written by Sandy Rothman, and was published in the January 1996 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited.Sandy did a fine job of bringing out some of the things I wanted to say about banjo playing, teaching, etc. It is in PDF format and preserves the original look of the magazine article.

To download Sandy Rothman's article about me, CLICK HERE.

I've played the same instrument for almost all the years I've been playing. My banjo...

Rick and BobWhile I've played with many musicians throughout the years, my most constant musical connection has been with guitarist Bob Wilson. These days Bob and I live about two hours from each other, and for the past several years we've gotten together whenever our schedules permit. During 1998 we recorded some of our stuff, and the CD of our recordings "Bodega Sessions" is available.

In 2002 the California Bluegrass Association honored me with a lifetime membership. A prior commitment prevented me from attending the presentation, which was made at the annual Grass Valley bluegrass festival in June. Thanks to my brother, Bill, for attending and accepting on my behalf, and my deepest thanks to the CBA for this great honor. I prepared a short thank-you message, which Bill read at the presentation, and if you'd like to read it, click here.

the graphic artist

droomSome of you may be familiar with my work years ago as a graphic artist. I did some posters, some work in comic books, and various other illustrations.

Much of my published artwork consisted of posters. I did four posters for the Carousel Ballroom, one of which did not get printed because the Carousel closed its doors for the last time that week. The poster (and the show) featured Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King. Had the show gone on, it likely would have kept the Carousel in business awhile longer.My other three Carousel posters (Steve Miller, Thelonious Monk, Electric Flag) were reproduced in the book "the Art of Rock," the definitive reference work on poster art.

carousel posterAll four Carousel posters are now available: digitally restored, and printed on high quality photo paper with archival ink. Check them out here...

One of my best known posters was Humbead's Revised Map of the World (with List of Population). Humbead was Earl Crabb, who collaborated on the project with me. I believe that he still has copies of this poster, if you want to check his website.

Below are three more samples of my early art. Included is an example from the Palo Alto days, when it was very common to collaborate with friends on drawings: here is a rapidograph drawing done by myself and Jerry Garcia. Around this same time I did some logos and a drumhead for Jerry's band, the Warlocks, and later a few things for the Grateful Dead.

Also included: a flyer for the "Berkeley Fiddlers Convention" and the cover art from my comic book, "Brain Fantasy" published by Last Gasp.

sketchbook Brain Fantasy fiddlers convention

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