Service Department:
Dobro Capos

Our Dobro capo is similar in most ways to our guitar and banjo capos. For any issues relating to the sleeve, pad, screw, or other mechanics, see our service section on CAPOS.

Most issues specific to the Dobro Capo have to do with the piece that goes under the strings, which we refer to as the Dobro Piece.

For many years we sold our dobro capo in just one model, and the dobro piece was 3/8 inch high. At that time, the capo worked well on about 95% of the instruments in use. But as dobro (or resophonic guitar) became increasingly popular, and more high-end instruments began appearing on the market, it got to be that there were more variations in setups. Slightly higher action was becoming more popular, and we needed to do something to accommodate these instruments.

During 2000-2002 we marketed our dobro capo in various models, to fit various string actions and neck thickness. These worked well, but were a nuisance for retailers to stock the various models.

In 2003 we went to a single model, our present model, which now features a user-adjustable dobro piece. It can be rotated to either 3/8 inch height, or 7/16 inch height.

To accommodate a thicker neck, all you have to do is to rotate the rubber sleeve a quarter turn. It works beautifully!

Does your instrument have very high action? If you have set the dobro piece at its 7/16 inch height, and it is still too low, then it requires a special 1/2 inch dobro piece. Send it to us and we will retro-fit it for you at no charge. We just ask you to enclose a dollar to cover the return postage, and use our repair form.

Is the Dobro piece on your capo wearing out? Part of it works just like a fret on a guitar, and like frets that get heavy use, eventually it can wear wear down. Give your capo a "fret job" ...the piece is easy to replace.

dobro piece

Replacement "dobro piece" for current design dobro capo.



dobro piece, retro

Replacement "dobro piece" for pre-2003 dobro capo.



Replacement sleeve for dobro capo.