Computer Software
Our software products for musicians are
no longer available.

The newest operating systems on both Windows and Macintosh do not support the file format that was used to create GigMaster and SongMaster. So after many years of service, I am closing the GigBook and the SongBook. Thanks to our many loyal users, and I'm sorry that it is not practical to simply upgrade these files to run on today's systems. I wish it could be that simple, but it is not.

If you are using either of these solutions on older operating systems, they will continue to work just as always. But there will be no upgrade path, and no future versions.

While we no longer sell our software products, we do not want to abandon our users who already have bought them, and are still running them on older systems. In some cases it might be necessary to reinstall, so if you are a registered user in need of a copy, you can download here:

Reinstall copies for registered users only:

GigMaster for Mac  | SongMaster for Mac

GigMaster for Windows  | Songmaster for Windows

If you download one of the above, you will need to contact us to unlock the downloaded copy. Send us the keyword generated when that copy launches, and we will provide the password and number that will unlock it, ONLY if your name and email are on file in our registered users database.

GigMaster and SongMaster were very useful products, but their day is past. They were born in a day when most monitors were 640x480, and people printed paper flyers to promote gigs. They were not developed by a team, but by one person; myself. They were labors of love, on which I spent far more hours than their commercial potential could ever justify. It is unlikely that I will ever develop successors to these products; software development is very time consuming, and most of my time and energy is applied to the business of capos these days.

But if I should ever consider developing some new software products, they would be more streamlined and employ the latest devices and technologies — and I'd get help to do it! However, no plans at present or in the near future. If I do start considering it, please talk me out of it. :)

...Rick Shubb, August 2011