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OTHER specials: banjo bridges | Shubb/Wilson LP | bumper sticker

In response to fans whose brand loyalty warms our hearts,
we offer a few selected articles of clothing bearing our company logo.

Shubb logo T-Shirt

The new Shubb logo T-shirts are here!


Capo Noir T-Shirt

We first produced this shirt in January 2005 to introduce "Capo Noir" (our original capo, in black chrome). It is a take-off on the famous Chat Noir art nouveau poster, and is quite striking.




capo noir t-shirt

John Jorgenson T-shirt

Are you a John Jorgenson fan? Then you must have this T-shirt! It features the portrait by Mark Wangerin, which we have used in some of our magazine ads. We produced this shirt for the show John played for us in Austin, 2006.



Jorgenson T-shirt

Shubb logo baseball caps.

A very nice baseball cap, with the Shubb logo embroidered in two colors on the front. Fabric strap adjustment (not plastic).


baseball cap

Microfiber, fleece-lined "bomber" jackets.

Fully lined and colorfully embroidered with the Shubb logo and picture of the original capo, along with the slogan "unique products for the musician since 1974." (embroidery pictured below)


Nylon vests

Fleece lined, reversible. Two big pockets and a zipper. Shubb Capos logo embroidered on the left breast.

(detail of the embroidery)


check with us for available colors and sizes


Did you know that we have a BUMPER STICKER? Well, we do.

It measures 2" by 6" and looks really cool on a guitar case, on a bumper, or practically anywhere. If you're ordering something from our online order form, just let us know that you'd like one or two. They're free.

other internet specials...

The Shubb COMPENSATED BANJO BRIDGE. This was a popular product for many years, but our production technique was never very cost-efficient. When faced with the decision of either continuing our same method and raising the price, or re-tooling entirely (probably also forcing a price increase) we opted to pull the plug. Since this was one of the few inventions which we had not patented, we relinquished the market to those companies who had copied our design.

We still have a few of these around the shop. They are left over from an era when we marketed a banjo pickup, and these bridges may have a tiny piezo implanted in one foot. Not functional as a pickup, but it should not effect the tone of the bridge. Most have minor cosmetic flaws, again not effecting the tone or structure of the bridge.


The CD by Bob Wilson and myself, Bodega Sessions, was released in1999. $15.95 includes postage.

Considerably more obscure is the...
Shubb-Wilson LP.
Does anybody out there still have a turntable? We recorded this LP, "Shubb, Wilson and Shubb ...Live" in 1976 at the Blitz-Weinhard bluegrass festival in Eugene, Oregon. Our sets at this show were an uncommonly good showcase of our material and playing at the time, and we still enjoy listening to them today.