Frequently Asked Questions

• Will there be a Talon 2, for acoustic guitar?
   We hope there will be some day, but Arturo Meuniot, designer of the Talon, has become very busy on other projects. And it is more than just a simple matter of extending the feet of the Talon for a wider body; it really needs to be redesigned completely to be correct for an acoustic guitar; a serious design job, and Arturo is the man to do it. If we can corral him long enough to tackle the job, then there might be a Talon 2, but it is not in progress at this time.

• It's so small it really stable?
   Absolutely! In fact, Talon's low center of gravity makes it more stable than taller stands, which can topple more easily with a nudge. Stability was a high priority in Talon's design, and sophisticated engineering principles were employed to assure that Talon is as stable as any stand.

• Will Talon accommodate a strap-lock?
   Most strap-locks can be left on the guitar when it is in the stand. But not all strap-lock systems are the same. We have encountered a few that are rather large, and with these, the strap-lock must be removed to place the guitar in the stand. But this is very quick to do.

• Can I leave the cable plugged into the guitar while its on the stand?
    Yes, on almost all guitars. We've run into just a very few instruments on which the cable jack location is an issue.

• Can the rubber padding mark my guitar's finish?
   No. The Santoprene material was tested extensively when Talon was in development.
   Wood painted with nitro-cellulose based lacquer (as used on guitars) was strapped into contact with the Santoprene (rubber) material, and after 48 hours in a temperature/humidity chamber, no signs of color migration or marks were found. In subsequent tests, in which the materials were strapped together for many months, still no marks have been found.

• Will Talon fit EVERY solid body electric?
    No, but it will fit most of them. There are so many different shapes of electric guitars, that no stand is completely universal.

• Will Talon hold my electric bass?
    Probably, if it is a solid body, and no wider than a typical solid body electric guitar. Most basses fit just fine.

• What about a hollow body electric?
    Probably not. There might be a few of those thin enough for Talon, but most are a bit too deep.

• How about a mandolin or fiddle?
    Talon will hold a mandolin or fiddle nicely, but not if you open it all the way to its detent point. You have to leave it open narrower (feet closer together) so that makes it just a little less handy for these instruments, but still it works fine.