The Shubb Transposing Guide and Capo Placement guide
instructions for use

The instructions printed on the guide itself are fairly complete, and its use should be reasonably apparent. But if they are not completely clear to you, here is a further explanation.

First, for the TRANSPOSING GUIDE side, which we regard as the "business side."


And now for the CAPO PLACEMENT side, which is sort of the "bonus" side.


While the capo placement guide will mostly be helpful for novice capo users, there can be a benefit for experienced players, too.

In the example shown here (Bb) most players would automatically place their capo at the third fret and play in G position. Or perhaps the first fret and play in A position. Because that is such a habit, they may overlook the other possibilities shown on the guide, such as capoing at the fifth fret and using the F position, etc.

In this way, the guide can suggest some less common (but perhaps interesting) options.